Citrix AppDNA Integrated Login

I am mostly posting this blog post out of frustration that AppDNA works this way…

Single Sign-On (SSO) with AppDNA 7.5 through Active Directory is possible through importing, then linking the AD Account and having the user select ‘Integrated Login’ from the client application. This is ideal because an AppDNA system administrator does not need to maintain user credentials.

The “Production” configuration of AppDNA requires the IIS Role to be installed, so one would think that the web client would have the ability to support SSO as well. Not the case, unfortunately, as there is no option for Integrated Login, nor is there support for manually entering AD account credentials.

No Other Choice

I ended up clicking ‘Import from AD’ from the User Management window to get the user account, then un-checking the ‘AD Linked’ check box to allow the user access to the web client.

To Citrix’s credit, the web client does state that it is “Version 1.0”.

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