AppSense DesktopNow Native Configuration File Warning

AppSense DesktopNow 8.5 introduced an additional configuration setting for deploying packages through Management Center called “Native Configuration file”. When a location is specified, packages are saved to this folder based on the configuration schedule. This new method is preferable for non-persistent images as changes to a configuration *no longer require an update to the master image.

When this option is selected, a warning will appear in the top of the screen:

Some assigned agents/configurations do not support native configurations.

I am not sure why AppSense’s warning message is so cryptic here as only one package will not be deployed as a native configuration, the Performance Manager configuration. Also, all assigned agents are installed regardless of the configuration setting chosen.


I am certain there is a better way of presenting this information to the administrator than how it is currently. That said, the functionality of using ‘Native Configuration file’ is solid with one exception: Once this option is chosen and packages have been deployed, do not change the setting to ‘Windows Installer MSI file’. When the CCA reports on the status of the deployed packages to Management Center, the location will not be in the Add/Remove Programs list. In some cases, Management Center will display the Deployed % as less than 100% and result in a frustrating experience!

*If a change is made to the Computer Startup trigger (Environment Manager), then it is best to update the master image with the new configuration package.

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