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Debugging AppSense Environment Manager Logon Performance

More often then not, AppSense Environment Manager (EM) is blamed for poor logon performance. But with such limited logging, how can you tell if there is any merit to this accusation? Luckily, AppSense includes an application for creating and managing…

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AppSense DesktopNow Native Configuration File Warning

AppSense DesktopNow 8.5 introduced an additional configuration setting for deploying packages through Management Center called “Native Configuration file”. When a location is specified, packages are saved to this folder based on the configuration schedule. This new method is preferable for…

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Migrate MCS Master Image to PVS

I am currently working on a project that involves moving an Machine Creation Services (MCS) master image to Provisioning Services (PVS). While I found Citrix’s White Paper to be particularly useful in getting started, the process may prove to be…

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